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Wednesday 13 July 2016

Top Bananas signing out

Just want to thank everyone for making this such a great event. The wacky rally team, the other teams the bars that put up with us and the towns for being extremely welcoming.

All of us had an amazing event and made some amazing memories.

Also, apologies to "You don't vote for kings" for being sick on their flip flops....somebody kept making me down pints. (Also apologies to anyone else affected by this little mishap)

I hope to return soon for another rally abd would be great to see some of your faces there. You can keep in touch via Twitter @topbananasrally.

Until next time, peace out

Brett, Ryan & Matt.

1 comment:

  1. You dont vote for kings says... Absolutly no problem at all my friend. The fact you then tried to immediatly order another drink kept me laughing all the way home. Hope u didnt feel too rough the next day. Have a great trip home guys!!!!