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Wednesday 6 July 2016

Letting the zebra out for the first time ready to gallop on down to Folkestone in the morning! See you all soon!

Dogs of war checkin in

All ready for the off. Heading down from cumbria to Dover for the 4am ferry to Dunkirk so hope to see a few of you down there.
Happy rally everyone

Man down already!

We're heading down to Folkestone today so if there's any issues they could get straightened out. 
Already one of our team is fast on and we've only been driving for an hour. 

Checking In...

Team Onesie Direction in Hull just around the corner from the ferry. Just 4 hours until we set sail...

Wacky rally.prep.

Moose mobile ready to go.

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The Top Bananas reporting in

Preview of the car....looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow. Good luck all!

Wandering arms at the races

Purple Rain WRX

Team Purple Rain WRX are almost ready for the off. Looking forward to meeting everyone and hoping all cars complete!

See you in Lille