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Thursday 7 July 2016

Where is everyone?

Drinking in the ibis grand palace. Where's the party??


We made it to lille.  Decent dinner with a cow team and the slag wants to go to bed as football is over

Arrival night in Lille

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The Mooseys and Dictators talk tactics.

Did anyone else see the sunset this evening? One more sleep!

On our way to France! Keep 4 pints for us!

On our way to France! Keep 4 pints for us!

On route through the tunnel...

Soon be in France after 8 hrs.

Hit Calais

Few pre-race nerves but otherwise composed now we have hit Calais!

Just passed kitty patrol on the hard shoulder about 30 miles out of calais on A25. Guys are you OK? We kinda passed before we realised who you were. Anyone else passing that way as we can't seem to find anywhere to turn round and check on them.

The Dictators

First hurdle sorted! Got through French passport control !

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First 5hrs...

The first 5 hrs driving are done, just another 4 to go!!

Setting off...

Just a test pic of us setting off...

Tiki boys barmy to barca

Introducing "The Tiki Bar Bus" 

Team You don't vote for kings...

We seek the Grail...

Team Dodgers

Well the little Rover has made it to Dover. Few small hicups first thing but all good to go now.

Kitty Patrol not so much on the Prowl


The Wades Dover ferry port.


France here we come

Team You don't vote for kings!

Average flying speed of a laden swallow appears to be 65 mph!

Kitty Patrol on the Prowl

Team You don't vote for kings!

Just seen our first other rally car on route to port! Bring it on......

The Wades en route to Dover


Putting the brolley up for the trip from the North to the Tunnel! Expect a brighter spell on the other side......

Safe trip folks

Rock Or Rust

Rock Or Rust all ready to hit the ferry tonight!

On route!

Team NORTH on route to boldy go where no-one has gone before!

We're on the way

Wandering arms on route to the morning convoy meet up

Ferry time

Well we've made it to Dover so at least we're gonna make it out the country.

Seems apt for this week