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Saturday 9 July 2016

Checking it out ...wish we were checking in 😜😂

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What fresh air ?

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Open road ...

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Great day of driving (big thanks to La Poke'ya'Moms)

We had some great fun driving today with Brett driving the whole route without swapping over. We started out badly when we did not have any gadgets charged to navigate, take pictures with due to silly Swiss plug sockets. This is where La Poke'ya'Moms stepped in. They allowed us to charge our stuff in their car whilst we followed them for direction. This allowed us to get our Google maps back and get pictures! We pretty much stayed together for the whole route even having a massive water fight along the way. We blatantly won by the way.

Another eventful situation when we saw a car burst into flames on the side of the road. We were about to pull over to help the Italian driver with our fire extinguisher but he managed to get it out quickly himself.

Anyway, we just checked into our hotel, about to shower to get rid of thee smell of clutch and brake dust. Really in need of a beer or 6.

Aaatt the way!

Fair play for taking the hard route Tiki Boys but move over for the Dictators!

Caption corner

Write a caption for what you think this guy is going at or to the cash machine

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Batman a coming

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Attention seeking Moosehead

Two icons of the British motor industry, but it's the Moosemobile that's getting the most attention lol

Turin Break

All of that mountain driving was exhausting for folks used to flat terrain. So we're in Turin enjoying a break with the Bicerin and biscotti.

Society for Useless Knowledge

Lovely view up the pass!

Ones awake but now the other wants a cuddle


On the way down the col de L'iseran with burnt arms but the views make up for it!

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Tired boys

After a big lunch and not a lot of doing anything today has knackered them out. Who said big boys were tough...hahahaha

Wandering arms is dead

Wandering arms is dead.
Thanks to batman team for aiding us off the main road.

We're now just off the junction of  quincinetto having a beer and  waiting for breakdown

The penguins are home!!

Day 2 and the penguins have finally found their feet (or bellies)! Loving the scenery.... awesome day!!

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Val d isere

Just come through val d isere
The car hasn't had a rest for over 3 hours!
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Barcelona baby yeah!

Third pass complete but now we've run out finger food and have been forced to start on the frozen canapés! Shaguar running well!

The locals loving the rally


Just heading up third pass now! Haven't seen a rally car for a while! Where are you all!

Post watering hole Mooseheads

2 beers, 1 pizza and look at them. 🙄

Wandering arms limping out

Car problems might mean the end of our rally

You don't vote for kings... Dissention in the ranks...

So two passes down and the car is still going despite popping out of gear on the down hill. On the plus side the gears have stuck around so that's good. My enchanter friend has now convinced me it's a good idea to do the next pass too so I have decided that if we make it I shall bask in the collective glory and if we don't it will be all his fault...

Captain Bec trying to take a picture of a statue not knowing it was on selfie mode....and she's a photographer 

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Moose mobile

Moose mobile parked up in aoste for lunch ,had to take the wimps way out and go through tunnel because the old sensible members of the group were concerned about temp gauge in red and brake fade !
Roughy toughy rugby playing firemen !!!!

Mooseheads at a watering hole

Lunchtime for the Mooseheads and we've found a lovely little place in Aosta

Thanks for the help this morning guys ! 🚓💙

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Heading off on day 2 ...