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Friday 8 July 2016

Glad you made it lads.

friday night party.

Well done all for getting through day 1. Bring on the passes of tomorrow.

The boys are back in town!

Brian Johnson has just landed, the band is back together and we're on a highway to hell!

Heading off ...earlier today ...

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Barmy bunch !

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Arrivals in Thun ...cheers 🍻

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Have road map will travel ! 😀

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Spotted !

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In need of help

The Dictators need some help. Anyone going past Eptingen, please look out for them. It's just past Basel.

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Award for the biggest Superdickmann of the day has to go to the current driver of the Zooming Zebras for taking the wrong exit off a roundabout missing the exit which would've avoided all the traffic at Colmar!!! So sat in the sun, roof down listening to elton john and eating icecream bought from a local supermarket where said current driver asked for Superdickmanns thinking we were in Germany only to find out we were back in France from a very confused store attendant!!! 

All clear at junction 29 on A35 now

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Oh for Brians sake.... Get of a35 before junction 15 unless you want to sit with us in a 1 hour delay.

Team you don't vote for kings. Stuck just before junction 15 a35

Gears still working so that's something...

But for how long?

Ha hahahhah

This mornings colourful line up !